5 Best Cars to Buy in 2022

Posted Monday, Oct 03, 2022

best cars to buy in 2022


You might be thinking of buying a new car, but the choices in the market can delay the entire process. The growing demand and competition for improved vehicles have increased the rate of introduction of new cars. More than 15 million vehicles were sold in 2021 in the United States. Fortunately, our list of best cars to buy in ‘22 can help make your decision easier.

Recommended Cars You Should Buy in 2022

Before driving to a dealership, look through our five best cars to buy this year and choose the one most suited for your needs.

1. TESLA Model Y (2022)

The newest model introduced by Tesla, the TESLA Model Y, is an electric SUV upgraded from the popular Model 3.

The brand new TESLA comes with a 75 kWh battery and a battery efficiency of 172 Wh/km, giving the SUV an incredible range of 435 km.

Moreover, Model Y reaches a top speed of 217 km/h and can go from zero to 100 in only five seconds. The 378 kW dual-motor gives the five-seater SUV a total torque of 493 Nm.

The Model Y was built for safety, equipped with impact protection and a low center of gravity. The SUV received a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) and the Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

2. Audi A4 (2021)

The famous luxury sports sedan, the Audi A4, is well built and loaded with attractive features that we cannot help but love.

The Audi A4 focuses on its technology, with a virtual Cockpit digital gauge display, driver assistance, and a hybrid system, making the Audi A4 one of the best cars to buy this year.

The Audi A4 comes with blind spot and lane departure warnings, pre and post-collision safety systems, and front and rear airbags. The sedan provides the utmost comfort with keyless ignition, electric power steering, parking sensors, cruise control, and more.

Additionally, the intercooler Turbo Gas/Electric hybrid I-4 adds 13 hp to the 2020 model, giving the 2021 model a total horsepower of 261 hp.

The Audi A4 comes in an all-wheel drive with a total seating of five and a seven-speed automated manual. Additionally, the sedan has a fuel tank capacity of 15.3 gallons and a range of 367 miles in the city and 474 miles on the highway.

3. Nissan 370Z (2019)

The Nissan 370Z is one of the most affordable choices in this list of best cars to buy in 2022. The two-seater was introduced in the tenth year of production and offered many upgrades.

You could choose between the convertible or the coupe versions of the sports cars. It comes with a seven-speed shiftable automatic transmission and offers rear-wheel drive.

The high-performance standards of the 3.7-liter V6 engine provide 332 horsepower and a torque of 270 lb-ft, making the Nissan 370Z quicker than other four-cylinder vehicles.

With a fuel tank capacity of 19 gallons, the 370Z offers a range of 342 miles in the city and 475 miles on the highway.

However, the biggest reason for the Nissan 370Z being one of the best cars to buy isn't its speed or sports look, but the comfort and safety. The car has traction control, four-wheel ABS, emergency brake assist, dynamic control, and an electric brake force distribution that allows you to stop the car quickly.

Additionally, the 370Z has several comfort features, including a drive assist, push-to-start, rearview monitor, power steering, cruise control, and more.

4. Mercedes BENZ Mercedes-AMG S-Class (2019)

The classic Mercedes Benz S-class is an elegant luxury car that we had to include in this list. The S-class is loaded with the latest technology you can find in any vehicle and is the car for you if you do not want to settle for anything but the best.

The all-wheel drive luxury car comes equipped with a V8 engine that provides a horsepower of 603hp and a torque of 664 lb-ft. Additionally, the S-class has a nine-speed shiftable automatic transmission system. Yes, nine-speed!

The car contains a 21.1-gallon fuel tank and gives a range of 358 miles in the city and 550 miles on the highway.

Safety is guaranteed with the S-class. It possesses four-wheel independent suspension, blind spot warnings, pre- and post-collision safety system, stability and traction control, emergency braking preparation and assists, and more.

While you might think a luxury car isn't built for comfort, the S-class breaks all norms. With a 39-inch front headroom, a 41-inch front leg room, premium leather seats, and a ventilated driver and passenger seat, the S-class is indeed built for comfort.

The Mercedes Benz S-class introduces an upgraded version every year, with few modifications to the previous. The 2023 model has been announced and is already in production, with improvements in mechanics.

5. BMW X6 M (2017)

Last but not least, our list of best cars to buy in 2022 cannot be complete without the BMW X6 M. The five-seater is an all-wheel drive with an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission.

The X6 M has a fuel tank capacity of 22.4 gallons and gives a range of 313 miles in the city and 425 miles on the highway. The V8 engine is responsible for providing this beast with a horsepower of 56 hp and a torque of 553 lb-ft.

The best thing about BMW is its elegant look. The X6 M is 194 inches long, 28 inches wide (without mirrors), 67 inches tall, and has a wheelbase of 115.5 inches.

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